Vanuatu Last Earthquakes Information

Magnitude 4+ Earthquakes Real-time list for the past 7 days
(from the Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory)

Bulletin N°5- Ambrym Activity
Monday, May 18th 2015

16°15'00"S 168°07'00"E, Summit Elevation 4377ft (1334m)
Current Vanuatu Volcano Alert Level: Level 2

This is a reminder that the Ambrym volcano activity remains unrest. Its volcanic Alert Level is still maintained at Level 2.

The danger remains in the caldera area around the volcanic craters of Benbow and Marum (including Maben-Mbwelesu, Niri-Mbwelesu and Mbwelesu) and on volcanic ash and gas prone areas exposed to trade winds.


Thus approaching the volcano is not safe; it would be safer to view the volcano away from the Danger Zone (see dashed Zone on the Map below) to avoid any volcano related incidents.

Therefore, it is recommended that all communities, villages, visitors and travel agents seriously consider this information.


The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department will continue to monitor this volcano activity until it becomes stable and will provide information accordingly when necessary.

Last Regional Earthquake Information

Earthquake detected by the Vanuatu-New Caledonia Seismic Network (VMGD/IRD)
Séisme détecté  par le Réseau Sismique Vanuatu-Nelle Calédonie (VMGD/IRD)


Seismic event of 2015/05/25 at 03:53:02.7 UTC
Local time : 2015/05/25 at 14:53:02
in Vanuatu Islands
Magnitude : M 5.5
Depth : 0 km

Evènement sismique du 25/05/2015 à 03:53:02.7 UTC
Temps local : 25/05/2015 à 14:53:02
localisé à Vanuatu Islands
Magnitude : M 5.5
Profondeur : 0 km

Volcano Live Events
Live information on Vanuatu active volcanoes (volcano drums, cameras, bulletins, information, ...)

Ambrym Ambae Lopevi Gaua
   Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island
   Volcano Alert Level: Level 1
   Volcano drums:
YASH Station Volcano cameras: YASH Station
Yasur drumplot

Yasur Webcam


Current Volcanic Activity

The table below shows the current alert level of Vanuatu's volcanoes. There is 2 differents types of volcano group, the frequently active volcanoes (Yasur, Lopevi, Ambrym) and the 'dormant' volcanoes (Ambae, Gaua, Vanua Lava).

Suretamatai, Vanua Lava
Suretamatai, Vanua Lava: Normal.
Mt Garet, Gaua
Mt Garet, Gaua: Signs of volcanic unrest.
Manaro Voui, Ambae
Manaro Voui, Ambae: Signs of volcanic unrest.
Marum & Bembow, Ambrym
Marum & Bembow, Ambrym: Major unrest.
Lopevi:Signs of volcanic unrest.
Yasur, Tanna
Yasur, Tanna: Signs of volcanic unrest.


Volcanic Activity Summary
Vanuatu Volcano
Current Alert Level
Manaro (Ambae)1
Marum & Benbow (Ambrym)2
Mt Garet (Gaua)1
Yasur (Tanna)1
Suretamatai (Vanua Lava)0

This table shows the description of the NEW Vanuatu Volcanic Alert Level (VVAL).