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Magnitude 4+ Earthquakes Real-time list for the past 7 days
(from the Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory)

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Volcano Live Events
Live information on Vanuatu active volcanoes (volcano drums, cameras, bulletins, information, ...)

Ambrym Ambae Lopevi Gaua
   Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island
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   Volcano drums:
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Yasur drumplot

Yasur Webcam


Last Regional Earthquake Information

Earthquake detected by the Vanuatu-New Caledonia Seismic Network (VMGD/IRD)
Séisme détecté  par le Réseau Sismique Vanuatu-Nelle Calédonie (VMGD/IRD)


Seismic event of 2015/02/01 at 04:30:35.0 UTC
Local time : 2015/02/01 at 15:30:35
in Vanuatu Islands
Magnitude : M 4.5
Depth : 162 km

Evènement sismique du 01/02/2015 à 04:30:35.0 UTC
Temps local : 01/02/2015 à 15:30:35
localisé à Vanuatu Islands
Magnitude : M 4.5
Profondeur : 162 km

Current Volcanic Activity

The table below shows the current alert level of Vanuatu's volcanoes. There is 2 differents types of volcano group, the frequently active volcanoes (Yasur, Lopevi, Ambrym) and the 'dormant' volcanoes (Ambae, Gaua, Vanua Lava).

Suretamatai, Vanua Lava
Suretamatai, Vanua Lava:
Mt Garet, Gaua
Mt Garet, Gaua:
Manaro Voui, Ambae
Manaro Voui, Ambae:
Marum & Bembow, Ambrym
Marum & Bembow, Ambrym:
Yasur, Tanna
Yasur, Tanna:


Volcanic Activity Summary
Vanuatu Volcano
Current Alert Level
Manaro (Ambae)
Marum & Benbow (Ambrym)
Mt Garet (Gaua)
Yasur (Tanna)
Suretamatai (Vanua Lava)

This table shows the description of the NEW Vanuatu Volcanic Alert Level (VVAL).